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Hey kids, a little late to the game, i am, and as such, was wondering if anyone would chime in on this particular question.

i got my Apostille back from the Cali Sec/State today. i called them because, per instructions for an Authentication, i sent in my COLB with a letter requesting an Authentication for Jamaica. They received it on the 20th of Dec. and didn't process it until last week. Therefore, as of the 1st of the year, all from California at least, will receive an Apostille for EVERY country. No more Authentications.

So, my question becomes, since the document clearly states, and the man on the phone clearly indicated, that although it is an Apostille, the authentication of the signature previously authenticated, is still achieved. This being the case, would it also serve our purposes in authenticating the COLB? The verbiage is as follows:

"This Apostille only certifies the authenticity of the signature and the capacity of the person who has signed the public document..."

"This certificate does not constitute an Apostille under the Hague convention of 5 October 1961, when it is presented to a country which is not a party to the convention. In such cases, the certificate should be presented to the consular section of the mission representing that country (US Sec of State?)".

Also, i ordered this COLB in 2012, and the authentication is for THAT particular clerk that signed it, not the original signature of the Registrar in '65.

Thanks for any input regarding this matter and forgive me my ignorance, as there is far too much info swimming around in my head and i fear i have retained far less of the basics than appropriate.
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Re: Authentication/Apostille

Then California is denying equal access under Treaty because not every country accepts Apostle.

This is a violation of the 14th amendment.
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