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It would seem that after Estate co-depositorship is agreed to by receipt of an Agency Name, Account, and Case No., it may need to be located by Code.

Attempts by phone and email to receive such Code: The man on the phone seemed flummoxed when questions regarding this interesting topic came his way; I let him be without pressing because I was sure by his response I did not have the right person or was not using the right language. The email was cordial and directed to a number not called yet. It seems to be a generic regional call center for Bonds - Treasury Direct. [-No Fruit . letting this thread go for now]

I believe, through some digging, that it needs to be established in writing. There are 8 fields of information necessary to establish an ALC. It also seems as if a few additional steps might need to be taken for the ostensible Federal Executive Agency.

3320.20-Establishing, Changing, and Deleting an ALC
Each agency must provide FMS with the name, telephone number, and address of one contact person per designated ALC and must ensure this information is current at all times. To establish, change, or delete an ALC, the agency or the RFC representative must contact FMS in writing (see the Contacts page). All requests relating to the eight-digit ALCs must include the standard information shown in Appendix 2.

FMS uses the letter request received from the agency to complete the FMS 6601: Advice Regarding Agency Location Codes (3, 4, or 8 Digits), see Appendix 2, for confirmation action. FMS must receive written requests to establish, change, or delete an ALC at least 30 days before the requested effective date. If an agency uses the ALC for payments through an RFC or the Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) [ ?need to dig into these two options but, at first glance, RFC?] , the agency first must ensure that the FMS 210: Designation for Certifying Officer, is completed or modified to reflect the appropriate ALC relationship. See TFM Volume I, Part 4, Chapter 1100, regarding FMS 210.

To establish, change, or delete an ALC, the responsible agency or disbursing office representative must contact FMS in writing. The letter must contain the effective date and other required information to assist FMS in preparing the FMS 6601. All Federal agencies submitting a written request to establish, change, or delete an ALC must provide the following information in fields 1 through 8:

FIELD                                    DESCRIPTION
FUNCTION  - For FMS use only. Indicates the reason for the completion of the form; for
example, A (add), C (change), L (close), or R (re-open) an ALC. [ Part of the writting to indicate intent to  establish (add) ]
(DO) ALC  -  Enter the 3-, 4-, or 8-digit ALC identifying code; for example, 520, 5390, or
12345678. [ DOT, FMS-CAB, ALC = 20180002]
(DO) ALC NAME - Enter the name of the agency responsible for the ALC. [ DOT ]
(DO) ALC ADDRESS  - Enter the complete address of the agency responsible for the ALC. [ ??? ]
CONTACT PERSON  - Enter the name of the agency contact person. [ First Last as Designate Certifying Officer]
TELEPHONE  - Enter the area code and telephone number (FTS and/or commercial) of the
agency contact person. [  first last's cell ]
DATE OPENED - Enter the requested date to add an ALC. (Agencies must submit the request to
FMS 30 days in advance.) [ 30 days from date of letter]
DATE CLOSED - Enter the requested date to delete an ALC. (Agencies must submit the request
to FMS 30 days in advance and must provide the ALC that will replace the
account to clear outstanding transactions.) - [ N/A ]

TFM Volume I, Part 4, Chapter 1100, regarding FMS 210 - Appendix 4 - DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY

Designee - BC NAME
Agency - DOT
Division - FMS-CAB
Title - Federal Executive Agency[?]

Would the Treasury-CDO be Designator?
Head of Agency—When used in relation to delegations of authority, interpreted to mean the head of an executive agency, as appointed by the President of the United States [In Emergency] . Heads of Agencies may include secretaries of departments, administrators of administrations, and commissioners of commissions. At the discretion of Treasury’s Chief Disbursing Officer (CDO), Head of Agency delegations may be accepted from lesser authorities in an agency,... [Such as a Federal Executive Agency CFO].

Found these interesting too:
Unfunding—The authorized borrowing by an accountable officer of restricted foreign currency from specific agency program accounts for the purpose of meeting current U.S. Government obligations, and replacing the foreign currency when needed for the purposes for which it was originally set aside. (31 U.S.C. § 5303)

TMS - Credit Accounting Branch held at a Federal Credit Union does have the account:  20x6048  - Proceeds of Withheld Foreign Checks

7550.20—Required Information for ACH
ACH debits are not permitted to the Credit Gateway.

Looking into: Requirements for NTDO's
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