4 Legs of Jurisdiction: LAW-OF-VOIDS / CHALLENGE Subject Matter Jurisdiction

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4 Legs of Jurisdiction: LAW-OF-VOIDS / CHALLENGE Subject Matter Jurisdiction

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We have a two-tiered court system. In our system, we have supreme courts and courts of inferior jurisdiction.

There are two halves to SUBJECT-MATTER-JURISDICTION:  
(see videos and other links below.)

1.  Subject Matter Jurisdiction is the statute the contract or the common law authority that establishes a DUTY on someone to do something; and

2.  Subject Matter Jurisdiction is the factual sufficiency of a claim in other-words, a victims state that they have damages in fact because you breached that DUTY.

Subject Matter Jurisdiction from the beginning of time when there was such a thing as tribunal until ten minutes past the end of time there is always going to be Subject Matter Jurisdiction:
     a. What impose the Duty?
     b. What is the factual sufficiency that the Duty was breached?

LAW has nothing to do with morality.  LAW is Duty.  Show me the DUTY that i have breached.  Show me something that imposed the DUTY that i breached and who says that i breached that duty.  What is the statute?

We must study the "Federal and State Annotated Statutes" which are the LAW.

(see videos below.)


****"Statements of counsel in their briefs or argument while enlightening to the Court are not sufficient for purposes of granting a motion to dismiss or summary judgment. U.S. Supreme Court "  TRINSEY v. PAGLIARO ****   Where is the competent tact witness?  (One of the Four Legs of the Table for Jurisdiction.) When the competent tact witness is missing, then there is the LACK of Subject Matter Jurisdiction. The inferior court has no jurisdiction according to the U.S. Supreme Court.

FLORIDA:  "Defense of lack of jurisdiction over the subject matter may be raised at any time, even on appeal." Hill Top Developers v. Holiday Pines Service Corp. 478 So. 2d. 368 (Fla 2nd DCA 1985);

Black's Law Dictionary,6th Edition,
defines a void judgment as follows:

"Void Judgment. One which has no legal force or effect, invalidity of which may be asserted by any person whose rights are affected at any time and at any place directly or collaterally."

Void Judgments
"A void judgment comes into being when there is not sufficiency of pleading to fully establish the court having subject matter jurisdiction. In other words, neither party has firmly set that the court has jurisdiction in the matter.

What this means to you is that practically all "debt judgments" handed down by the courts are in fact void judgments. They can be vacated (made to disappear).

It's not that hard, a little research, a little typing, paying a nominal court filing fee, and sit back and wait. Not much to it, is there?

The results you can produce are unbelievable, and you just didn't know you had the power to shake up this predatory industry, did you?

The debt collection industry collects billions of dollars from those who are unable to protect themselves and do it using void judgments. What a racket that is!

Now's the time to step up to the plate and get that void judgment vacated, disappeared. It's not hard, there's no pain, and frequently there is not a court appearance. (It would not be wise to count on "no" court appearance, you should always plan and prepare for it.) Neat, huh?

It's up to you, keep paying, or make them pay. Your choice!!

Oh, and a vacated judgment must, again must, be removed from your credit record."

The following video's were recorded in 2000 so the quality is low but the AUDIO is all you need.

Meet Richard Cornforth 2000 video:

Video Part 1 of 3   TRINSEY v. PAGLIARO
Video Part 2 of 3
Video Part 3 of 3

Subject Matter Jurisdiction 5 page document

Richard Cornforth appears on Rule of Law Radio May 2, 2014

Twenty-two reasons to vacate a Void Judgment The Really BIG Deal!